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During the past two decades, I’ve dated both men in recovery and men who weren’t alcoholics (called “normies” by us in the program).

It’s always a little awkward when a potential date wants to “meet you for a drink.” Telling them you’re sober feels like confessing to some horrible chronic STD.

That set the tone of the next 17 years of my life - high drama.

He was a polyglot who spoke French, English, German and some Arabic.

After our time together in Sarajevo, we didn’t see each other for five years.

He was based in Paris, I was based in London, and we were constantly sent all over the world.

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Without the pressure of all that, there's a lot more time and room in a relationship to actually be in the moment and enjoy getting to know one another without feeling preoccupied by future expectations. He has a couch instead of a futon, there's more than beer in his fridge and you aren't likely to have to forage through his bathroom in search of something that resembles toilet paper.