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The first season winner was 24-year-old Jes Rickleff from Naperville, Illinois.

At the reunion, she revealed that she did not have romantic feelings for Michaels, and that she thought that he should have chosen the runner-up, Heather. 25GB per day (99% uptime) 1 GB per day (upgradeable), only multihost with functional keep2share.

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I sprayed it on my wrist yesterday, and now 18 hours later it´s still there. And, by the way, in my opinion the only Private blend collection scent worth buying is Mandarino di Amalfi.

I would say that the longevity is great, at least on my (fairly dry) skinn. version (considering I had a 20% discount on it) and am still wondering why I have been so stupid. Since I am not the kind of guy who likes wasting his money-even though I can afford to spend a lot in fragrances-I am going to buy Black afgano from Nasomatto or Acqua di Parma colonia oud in order to have the chance of finally being able to wear an oud based fragrance which lasts more than half an hour. I was THRILLED to get my hands on some of the original GOLD LABEL Oud Wood (2007 formula) and it's is, indeed a magnificent fragrance that's sadly been almost ruined thru reformulation.

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Upon gaining widespread notoriety as the girl that won rock star Bret Michaels’ heart on season 2 of the Vh1 Rock of Love series, the two formed a strong friendship after dating for almost a year.

Prior to ROL2, the Alabama native moved to Chicago, where she co-hosted and produced the syndicated TV show “Health & Lifestyles Weekly”.

The second season featured another set of 20 women.

This time around, Michaels chose 37-year-old Ambre Lake from Los Angeles, California.

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