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Terms have originated from various sources including Bulletin Boards, AIM, Yahoo, IRC, Chat Rooms, Email, Cell Phone Text Messaging, and some even as far back as World War II. Internet Slang is also sometimes called AOL speak, AOLese, AOLbonics, netspeak, or leetspeak (although leetspeak traditionally involves replacing letters with numbers and is reseved for games). I found this webpage and tried it first thing in the morning. I was hesitant to pour the hydrogen peroxide mix on the baking soda and tried to run it in with a soaked cloth instead.

The girls are taken to an underground bunker of some kind and held in a windowless cell by Dennis, who instructs them to strip off their clothes, but not to worry because he's "not allowed" to touch them.Busier places we sometimes bring his potty, make him go in the boot of the car (more discreet than a bush wee), then empty the potty on some grass If they are desperate and will otherwise have an accident, I would let them, but otherwise, no.I think doing it too often sets a precedent where they think the world is their toilet. My daughter was more prone to accidents, so she did wee in parks a few times when desperate, but only if there was no toilet available. After teaching young boys at school not to urinate in the bushes or the pot plants, I've been rather clear in teaching my own children that the world is not your toilet.I don't want to be inappropriate, but he wouldn't make it to the public toilets 300m away. I made well sure he was right up in the back corner of the garden ..I just realised afterwards that it might not be ok? we only do it if it's a relatively large park and few people around.

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I doubled your recipe since there was so much pee - she's a 100 lb dog so you can imagine! Pat Martin, Illinois, USA For years I have tried everything to remove dog urine out of my large area rugs and I have tossed out four because even pressure washing outside didn't get rid of the awful smell.