Dating idioms

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Dating idioms

You may already have asked yourself this question after a painful breakup.

In the word of French idioms, love can literally be painful though.

to make up - to forgive someone after an argument to play hard to get - to pretend you’re not interested in a relationship.

to go out with someone - to date someone to be on the rocks - to have a difficult period in a relationship.

However, this assumption is unlikely as they were joined at the sternum, not at the hips.

This expression most likely makes a general reference to conjoined twins.

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Example: "Since meeting herprince charming, Delilah couldntwait to get engaged."6.

To Get Hitched: To tie the knot or get hitched areboth common informal terms formarriage.

While someuniversal idioms are easilytranslated, many idioms on lovecan be difficult to comprehend.

Here are 12 popular love idiomsand phrases that are usedfrequently but are quiteconfounding.1.

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