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Hardcore female chatbots

Both companies have gone through some changes since I tried them out over a year ago.

My Cber Twin was acquired by IBM back in the spring of this year.

Leaders from the chatbot community came from all over the world to discuss the challenges and the potential.

"We are at the threshold of a revolution that would affect the daily lives of billions of people during the next decade...

Milland is one of more than 500,000 "Turkers"—contract workers who perform small tasks on Amazon's digital platform, which they refer to as "m Turk." The number of active workers, who live across the globe, is estimated to run between 15,000 and 20,000 per month, according to Panos Ipeirotis, a computer scientist and professor at New York University's business school.

Turkers work anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours a day. According to Ipeirotis, in October 2016, American Turkers are mostly women. Globally, they're most likely to have been born between 1980-1990.

There is no STEM "pipeline" issue for women chatbot builders.Chatbots are like apps but they are in a conversational format the are within the messaging platforms that we already use and they are on a tipping point and will soon be ubiquitous.Recently, I attended the Chatbot Summit in Tel Aviv.Women in tech are finally going to get their chance to not only join the tech industry en masse but to lead it.With the advent of the iphone we saw the rise of the app but now that smartphones have transformed our lives, the way we use them is changing. They are spending 80% of their time on messaging platforms.

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Milland is looking for job postings, or "HITs"—and the alerts tell her when a listing matches her criteria. "I break from what I'm doing to see if it's a good HIT before I accept the job."Sometimes, a group of HITs is posted.