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And Sean, we’ve discussed your personal history (as a Mormon who came out of the closet after high school), and I’m wondering how that plays into your characterization as the Mormon baseball player who recently came out and his ex-fiance who shows up at Brady’s wedding to Cheeks. In an earlier interview, I got the idea that you had girlfriends before you came out. So Cheeks has a checkered past, is what you’re saying?

And now, actually, they are my best friends, ten years later. And most of the time like we were talking about in the panel (on Bullying) today, that’s not the way that manifests itself. And I think part of the fun and the charm is never knowing (how aggressive he’s being).

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Fearing that a public divorce would be devastating to the cause, and their careers, the two decide to stay married.Before they launched Seed, they had a couple of digital shows that they had “acquired” more than “paid to produce.” And so we went in, and when we went into the pitch meeting, they were already fans; they already knew the show, which was incredibly rare. And it’s the more of a creative challenge to write. Espenson: You are so in the area of the story so that to make a distinction sort of says what the story is. But I think that it’s that you could see what that experience is in the performance, be it the first of those options or the second. We actually don’t really have characters like that. Espenson: I think Cheeks’ Achilles heel is probably a certain lack of empathy.So we were super excited and grateful and loved the idea of working with them. But the great thing about Cheeks is that you get to see him have those moments of revelation of going, “Oh…” I think that Cheeks is a great character because he is flawed but lovable. I think what Sean (Hemeon) was saying is that dealing with this stuff with Claudia has sort of made things real for him.Cheeks (Brad Bell) and his until-recently ballplayer husband Brady (Sean Hemeon) give a press conference about their new marriage.Flashbacks reveal them hung-over in Vegas after celebrating a new marriage equality law and reacting in shock to the realization that they are married.

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Whilst in a limousine, Haley conveys her surprise to what has happened with Cheeks and Brady.