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Valerie bertinelli dating now

She’s on her fourth season of hosting Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, and, after two best-selling cookbooks, she’s back in the kitchen working on another. “Making dessert in the slow cooker is the coolest thing ever and it’s super, super simple,” she says. She’s such a fan, in fact, that she worked with Clarkson (and country legend Reba Mc Entire) on a special Christmas album, which debuted in October. “It’s really simple and goes with everything,” she says. Coming from the South, where “22 is the norm” for marriage, Trisha encourages women today to branch out on their own first.

Yet despite her double dose of fame (and high-profile marriage to Garth Brooks), the Georgia native is as grounded as ever, evinced by her answer-any-question demo at this year’s New York City Wine & Food Festival. “And it only has four ingredients, which is my specialty! “Don’t be afraid to live your life and figure out who you are first,” she says candidly. While first dating, she attempted to make Garth his favorite dessert: German chocolate cake.

Maybe you walk the dog in the morning, do some sit-ups or push-ups in the afternoon and take a family walk after dinner.

The benefits are immediate and long-lasting." Leeves, 52, a former dancer, tries to exercise at least five times a week: "I'll do three miles on my treadmill," she says, "usually at an incline — just walking, because I don't like running." Next page: Eat fresh, and have a fresh attitude.

I feel like it’s what I’m supposed to do,” she says. Next, he kicks it up a notch with a Nashville specialty - hot chicken, with intense flavor and double the heat.For a self-professed “chick singer who cooks,” Trisha Yearwood has been more than successful — much more. If it’s hard to do, I pretty much won’t do it,” she says. Things like chili, stews or soups — anything that could cook all day long.” Lately, one of her favorite ways to use it is for turtle candy. “Her voice is so powerful, amazing and emotional,” she says. Watch out if your path crosses hers at a picnic — she’ll be packing her mother’s tried-and-true potato salad.Michael Chernow is on a mission to find the spiciest bites from the hottest restaurants across the country.His first stop is a hip Los Angeles restaurant that puts a fresh spin on traditional Indian food with its spicy dishes and fiery five-pepper hot sauce.

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